<!here> I have some realtime table’s consuming seg...
# troubleshooting
<!here> I have some realtime table’s consuming segments in error state after upgrade and restart, resetting the segment and restart did not fix this problem, any suggestions?
Can you please check the server log and see if there is any ERROR log?
Also kindly remind to not use
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I see, we have some table using time as a column there are some error in the transform function.
I have one table’s consuming segment got deleted, any way I can bring it back?
recovering from deleted consuming segment involves some manual steps.. we prolly need to prioritize this issue: https://github.com/apache/pinot/issues/6679
is this a dev environment and can you just recreate the table? also curious, how did it get deleted?
It’s production, I thought delete it will cause pinot to recreate the consuming segment.