# connector-development

Jove Zhong

04/07/2022, 5:27 PM
How to find why/where the
hangs? Hello, I am building the source and destination connectors for our own product. I had this worked before, but recently the schema discover failed. Not sure it's due to aribyte change or our product change. When I ran the UI test (read from our product and send to csv), the schema discover progress never end. Then I ran
docker run --rm -i -v ~/Dev:/secrets timeplus/airbyte-source-timeplus:dev discover --config /secrets/source_config.json
It shows tables/columns but also hang again, with many INFO messages like
2022-04-07 171926 INFO i.a.i.s.j.AbstractJdbcSource(lambda$discoverInternal$5):137 - Table bookings column cid (type string[0]) -> Json type io.airbyte.protocol.models.JsonSchemaType@492fc69e
It's a Java-based connector. Can I run this via IntelliJ and see which method it is stuck? thanku