• Dan D'Orazio

    Dan D'Orazio

    09/27/2021, 7:48 PM
    Is Airbyte Enterprise planned as a licensing mechanism to give Orgs access to all the premium features without having it hosted? If not, is that a model that Airbyte has thought about or planning on for the future?
  • Michelle Mullins

    Michelle Mullins

    09/28/2021, 1:38 PM
    Hi there - looking to get a better understanding of the plan for the connectors portion of Airbyte. I noticed you specified that it’s contributor selected / usually MIT. Any thoughts on more strongly suggesting MIT? The current setup could cause a mix which would be problematic down the road, particularly for companies that want to participate in commoditization of connectivity. Would love to hear your thoughts …
  • Menno Hamburg

    Menno Hamburg

    09/28/2021, 4:15 PM
    I am less familiar with the ELv2 license, but for an MSP managing the cloud environments of several clients, where is the line of a so called managed service drawn? Is setting up and upgrading Airbyte instances at our customers own cloud environment now prohibited? If this is the case, will we also be able to order licenses on behalf of clients?
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  • Sudhendu Pandey

    Sudhendu Pandey

    12/20/2021, 3:22 PM
    Hi there! just getting started on Airbyte and loving it already. I work as a consultant and would be recommending Airbyte to one of my client soon. I was wondering what and if any is the flexibility for clients to first start with open source core version and then move to Cloud down the line in future? Is that even a feasible approach in terms of redoing everything vs 'lift and shift' approach from core to cloud? Thanks 🙂
  • Menno Hamburg

    Menno Hamburg

    02/07/2022, 3:15 PM
    Maybe not the best place to put this question, but did not find a better place. On the pricing page I read that Airbyte Cloud is currently US-only. I am based in the EU and out of curiosity, what kind of regulatory is withholding you from offering EU based endpoints? GDPR? But you are not storing any data, so it should be easier? Also, different topic, if resources are behind a firewall, how can I either push or retrieve data in a secure matter (without needing an on-prem solution?)
  • Marnix van den Broek

    Marnix van den Broek

    02/23/2022, 1:16 PM
    hi! License question: I'm shortlisting software and tools for the tech stack of a new data portal with collaborative ETL/ELT capabilities and a new SaaS product focussing on the T. Airbyte could be a good candidate for the EL part. I expect we would need to deploy and host it ourselves, rather than using the cloud offering. Business models, when we get to that point, are likely to focus on data distribution and usage, collaboration features and the transformation capabilities, not on offering "Airbyte as a service". However, it's unavoidable that there will be overlapping capabilities between the two, as we'd be exposing some of Airbyte's core capabilities to users, as part of the larger service. What do you say: is this clearly within what's permitted, clearly outside of it, is it a gray area, or would you need more information?
  • Siva Kowsika

    Siva Kowsika

    03/05/2022, 3:43 AM
    Hey! Have a question. We are building analytics platform as a SaaS offering. right now, we are working with several customers. Building connectors will take time as you all know. we’d like to embed proven product rather building connectors framework all by ourself. and i saw this on airbyte website:
  • Matt


    04/19/2022, 1:13 AM
    If I build closed source connectors, can I run Airbyte on my own cloud and sell access to those connectors? FWIW I'm guessing the answer is no but figured I'd ask anyway. Big fan of the product.
  • j

    Josh Dawson

    08/03/2022, 1:28 PM
    I am trying to move my new company to Airbyte from a custom ruby on rails framework but we are coming up against a lot of red tape internally, ideally we just need a signature on some kind of admin related paperwork so we can bypass our internal stuff "because the platform is only in alpha" Is there any way this could happen, appreciate it's an unusual ask for an open source platform, but we do think if we get the open source version we will most likely end up in the cloud and it's just getting it in the door. (Not exactly a license question, but thought it might be something the team here might know about)