# ask-community-for-troubleshooting

David Effiong

01/07/2022, 11:06 PM
Hello, I am on a mission to connect Mongo DB cluster to Big Query. • My airbyte is hosted locally with Docker. • Airbyte Source test from Mongo DB cluster was successful • Airbyte destination setup test to Big Query was successful. • Connection setup test between source and destination was successful. • Syncing started and kept running for a long time but no data was in my big query dataset. • When I checked the run log on airbyte, there was an error that database name of Mongo DB cluster must be alpha numeric. (Although the syncing did not stop). • Please how can I bypass this without changing DB cluster name as it will take a lot of effort for the engineering team to change the name of the DB cluster as it is a live production DB? Please help me resolve this. Thank you very much.

Harshith (Airbyte)

01/10/2022, 5:48 AM
Hey do you mind sharing the logs here?

David Effiong

01/10/2022, 12:02 PM
Please see below image of the log. @Harshith (Airbyte) Thank you so much
My dataset ID and Project ID in Bigquery is alphanumeric but my Mongo DB source database name has dashes. I am stuck as the connection is not failing but just running.
Issue has been sorted. Thank you very much!!!