Hi! We have just started using Airbyte and it look...
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Hi! We have just started using Airbyte and it looks very promising 🙂 We want to use it in the embedded way, as explained here https://airbyte.com/embed-airbyte-connectors-with-api. We want to use the Airbyte APIs form our own application, so our customers can setup their needed integrations. I searched slack, and see there are several questions about this. The answer is usually to look at the API docs, or sign up for the cloud waitinglist. I would love to learn more about what the difference will be like if we use airbyte cloud vs self hosted, but unfortunately we are situated in the EU, so we will have to wait a while I guess. So, I would love to learn in what ways the airbyte cloud will make “powered by airbyte” easier. And more about how we should be doing that if we need to self host for now. Do we create one workspace for each customer etc. Are there any resources on the topic, or anyone I could have a chat with?
Sure you can write an email over to adam@airbyte.io. Also we have a great support with API do check our docs and let us know if you need any help.
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