Hello! So, started off with Airtbyte last week, I...
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Hello! So, started off with Airtbyte last week, I have been able to setup and run data movements between different sources. Now I am trying to integrate dbt custom transformations but it never runs. Notes: I am using dbt cloud, not self hosted My airbyte is hosted locally I can connect to my sources and move data But transformations dont work, see transformations settings attached Question: How can I get dbt custom transformations to work? Does with dbt integration work for both dbt cloud and dbt on prem? Please help🥲 Thank you
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Hello @Chukwuebuka Akwiwu-Uzoma can you check this video about running custom dbt?


@Marcos Marx (Airbyte), thank you.. Also, I am trying to install dbt using the docker, where can I find the two scripts
to easily install the container application and start it. As referenced by this video


Hi @Marcos Marx (Airbyte), thanks for the youtube video about running custom video, I am trying to understand how "AIRBYTE-DBT-CUSTOME' is created .Though, I went through with the link https://docs.airbyte.io/operator-guides/transformation-and-normalization/transformations-with-dbt you posted in youtube comments....but finding it hard to understand..I love airbyte...but due to lack of good videos/knowledge ware...I an finding it hard to explore further and move on fast..I think the documentation or videos has lot of disconnects...when we setup something from teh scratch...Do we have any clean reference how to use custom DBT with a clear example...thanks in advance...
Hello @S K can you post your questions in our discourse forum? https://discuss.airbyte.io/ We’re moving our support to there and your question can be relevant to other users too!