# feedback-and-requests

Tony Hu

02/24/2022, 10:27 PM
Hey AirByte team, about Kafka-as-source connector, i am curious if there are any roadmap and timeline to make is more streaming fashion instead of batch way? experiencing some memo insufficient issue when testing it and notice the code is using an infinite loop to persist all the data in memo then dump to destination ([…]main/java/io/airbyte/integrations/source/kafka/ , another question is about the version I can see from {my airByte}/settings/source has latest as
but changelog in only has 0.1.3, is it expected? thanks
Hey @Tony Hu, we're currently focusing on micro-batch, streaming is in our long-term roadmap, but feel free to share this request in a GitHub issue on our repo.
About the version number: 0.1.4 is indeed the latest but the documentation was probably not updated.