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Miles Poindexter

05/27/2021, 10:47 PM
Hi, I'm running AirByte on MacOS. The app comes up OK, But when I try the Exchange Rate API in the UI and fill in the data, the UI tells me that the check failed and the APIs response was 400? But I used my API key and went directly the the API and it works.
I figured out the error. The exchange API doesn't like the 'base' query param at the moment it seems.
*{*"error": *{*"code": "base_currency_access_restricted",
"message": "An unexpected error ocurred. [Technical Support: <|>]"
If I leave the base field blank everything works.


05/27/2021, 11:17 PM
@Miles Poindexter the root issue is that the free tier of exchangerates doesn’t support specifying a currency (i think they give you euro or USD data by default). The cosmetic issue is the connector does not surface a good error message. created an issue to make this error message clearer:
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