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04/18/2022, 9:45 AM
On the weekend, I managed to finish
No rules rules: Netflix and the culture of reinvention
. It is a great peek into Netflix's famous culture
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04/18/2022, 11:06 AM
NOice. šŸ™‚ in your opinion, what are the major takeaways/learnings from it?


04/18/2022, 11:19 AM
I was always intrigued on Netflix culture that people usually talk about. Hence, I picked up this book. Some unique aspect to Netflix's culture ā€¢
High Talent Density
- Always hire the best and pay them above market salary ā—¦ Encourage employees to interview around and get what their market rate is for the role. If they find it is higher than what they are paid, Netflix matches that for all employees for that role ā€¢
360 feedback
- People are always open to give and receive actionable 360 feedback ā€¢ They trust Netflix employees a lot and always ask them to use their best judgement to make decisions ā—¦ So they do not have any long approval chains (for spend reimbursement, leave , projects etc.) ā—¦ If you fail, make sure you learn and share ā€¢ Habit of people asking to their managers
If I choose to resign today, would you fight to keep me in Netflix?
- This has resulted in lot of feedback upfront and avoid giving Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) ā—¦ Netflix do not believe in PIP. If they feel someone is not a match, they let them go with a generous severance pay ā€¢ Ownership - If you own it (eg - a project/portfolio/product), you are the ultimate decision maker.
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2 biggest takeaway for me- ā€¢
Actively Seeking Actionable Feedback
and how it can make a difference ā€¢ Giving Ownership and trusting people
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04/18/2022, 1:39 PM
I finished the audiobook last week too. Liked it a lot.