<@U01ADSJ1D5H>, I’m working on a new import/export...
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@Artem Astapenko, I’m working on a new import/export endpoint in the API that is restricted to a specific workspace ID (to select configurations related to the workspace only) Unfortunately I’m encountering problems(/bugs?) with OpenAPI/generator in order to include both a JSON object and a GZIP in the same request body (of an multipart/mixed API endpoint)… WDYT if i split the API into two endpoints instead of a single API (but more complex request body)? • API to upload a GZIP resource file (returns the resourceID being staged for the server) with a gzip request body • API to import the resource file reference by the resourceID into the target WorkspaceID with a json request body
Yep it’s totally fine to preupload blob to temp storage and then send in json ids only. As for the issue - have you tried multipart form-data? I believe it should support such cases.
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