Hey guys! Not sure this is the right channel for t...
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Hey guys! Not sure this is the right channel for this, but here it goes. When we delete a connection, a source or a destination, the webapp redirects to the previous page, right? For example: if I delete a connection, I'm redirected back to connections page. But the problem is that the page does not update, so I can still see the deleted connection in the list. When I refresh manually, the page renders normally without the deleted connection. You use React, right? It could be a problem with components state updates, maybe.
I already seen this too! Do you mind creating an issue for that? @Artem Astapenko fyi
Hmm, I am quite sure that we fixed almost the same issue in the past ( https://github.com/airbytehq/airbyte/issues/3808 ), but I do not see the changes that should fix it. @João Tavares you are partially correct about state. We are using rest-hooks library and the idea here is that when we remove connection from list, framework knows that we removed connection with some id, however it doesn’t know that it needs to clean it from some other lists. Fix is quite obvious here - just add in delete call resources that should be refreshed
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reopened the issue.
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