08/28/2021, 1:30 AM
@Artem Astapenko I tagged you for review on a couple of PRs regarding exposing oauth for some connectors: Before looking at them it may be helpful to look at this RFC for oauth in cloud
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it’d be good to frontload agreement on the backend/UI contract, so chris and I will also come to the weekly sync
@Chris (deprecated profile) @Artem Astapenko I updated & consolidated the PRs with the flow we discussed today and added a sequence diagram to describe the interactions in detail. Can you take a look and LMK if that looks good?
@Artem Astapenko does it look good on your end?
I think we’re gonna move forward on it but feel free to raise any concerns if you have it

Artem Astapenko

08/31/2021, 10:55 PM
I do not have any concerns so far. I expect to start implementing oauth tomorrow, so if I have any questions - I will raise them asap


08/31/2021, 11:37 PM
brilliant. I created an epic here to track anything: