Hi Airbyte team. Have enjoyed testing with your ...
# feedback-and-requests
Hi Airbyte team. Have enjoyed testing with your product over this past week, starting with local deployment and then migrating it to GCP. I’ve been testing by connecting to an on-prem MSSQL server database hosting a transactional system. A couple notes of initial feedback / future requests: • After setting up a source connector to sync, in order to add new tables to the integration you have to reset the whole thing and reselect. This is quite a pain when the source database contains hundreds of tables. Would be nice to be able to just select the additional tables without impacting the current table configuration. • Be able to select columns and limit the data integrated in a source table (For instance there may be a table that has 200 columns, but I only want 20 of them loaded into the datalake) ◦ I will be testing using the DBT transformation to accomplish this, but would be nice if I could select/deselect in the UI
hey James! Thanks for the feedback. 1. There is a Github 3206 to discuss about this. You can add your suggestion there 2. for this, is something that probably soon we're going to work. Also there is a Github 2227
Thanks @[DEPRECATED] Marcos Marx! Appreciate the links, I’ve subscribed so I receive updates.