Hi! I just caught up the community call - great t...
# feedback-and-requests
Hi! I just caught up the community call - great to hear that SSL for DBs is coming soon. I was hoping to hear about the ability to select fields from a source, but nothing on that front. It seems to be a pretty highly requested feature (even just above this message simple smile) and it's quite critical for my use-case, so I was wondering whether you have any kind of timeline for it? Cheers.
Completely agreed that it’s a crucial feature. we haven’t officially published August goals but it’s probably the top line item for August. We might pick it up beforehand if we can move some things around. Will keep the community posted
That's good to hear. Looking forward to the August update 🙂
@s is this about choosing what we pull in raw or choosing what we want in the normalised table ?
For the usecase of what we want in normalised table we were using API to change sync catalog to choose columns