Using SST & seed is it possible to not build t...
# seed
Using SST & seed is it possible to not build the frontend if it hasnt had any code changes? Preferably without lerna or yarn workspaces we currently just use normal npm and just basically copied over our frontend from another repo into one big repo trying to limit change as much as possible at the current moment.
Hey @Garret Harp, just to clarify on the setup, imagine a structure like this:
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  stacks/     <- infrastructure
  services/   <- lambda code
  frontend/   <- React
So one of ur stacks has a
that deploys the
. And what you are looking for is that if there is a code change in ie.
, you want SST to skip building
Basically yeah, we originally had frontend deployed outside of SST so we had just used the typescript starter and added all our apis and then threw in frontend after. Now its deploying & building frontend every time causes it to be slower than we want.
Got it! Let me put it down on our roadmap.
We probably wont be able to get to it right away, but if we get more requests for this, we will bump up the priority. I will keep you posted on the progress regardless.
Yeah no worries thanks