Any chance you can enable the removal of a product...
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Any chance you can enable the removal of a production stage if it has nothing deployed? We use versioning into our production stages so the blanket production we’re looking to remove
I think you need to put a new one as production and then delete the old one.
Thanks @Adrián Mouly.
@Tony J production stages cannot be removed directly. You’d have to set a different stage as the production, and then set the old production stage as a development stage. And then you will be able to remove it.
Here are some more details on editting the pipeline
Let me know if that works for you
Hmm, I could be wrong here but have an active production stage?
Hey @Tony J, sorry for the late follow up. Yeah if you have 2 production stages, you can now set 1 of them as a Development stage. And then remove it.