In v0.10.5, there’s a new `AppSyncApi` construct. ...
# general
In v0.10.5, there’s a new 
 construct. You can create an AWS AppSync GraphQL API like this:
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new AppSyncApi(this, "GraphqlApi", {
  graphqlApi: {
    schema: "graphql/schema.graphql",
  resolvers: {
    "Query    listNotes": "src/list.main",
    "Query    getNoteById": "src/get.main",
    "Mutation createNote": "src/create.main",
    "Mutation updateNote": "src/update.main",
    "Mutation deleteNote": "src/delete.main",
More examples here Big thanks to @Sione @p0wl @Mike McCall and @deini for helping me putting this together! Let me know what other constructs you’d like to see!
This is very impressive, Frank!
Thanks Matthew! There were quite a few patterns how ppl use AppSync. Took some work to put this together 😆