does `RDS` migrations work with a prisma migration...
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migrations work with a prisma migrations dir?
No it doesn't currently
It's unlikely to, Prisma's architecture isn't a great fit for serverless so we didn't pick it to build on
but the migrations dir is just a list of SQL files to apply, sorted by name
i guess it has its own engine to run though
to keep track
they are making it more serverless, at my prodding 😄
though i'll be happy if/when it supports Data API
I think them supporting data api is in conflict with their business model, Prisma works well in serverless if you accept them pushing you to Prisma Data Proxy - which is basically an alternative to Data API
yeah the open issue on github said something similiar
the other issue is bundling the giant rust binaries kills your cold start times
yeah i'm working on that with them
if you use prisma data proxy it's solved, you don't need to include any of the binaries
that's probably the best approach and I know prisma is super popular it just feels like a lot just for a query builder
that could be true yeah
i'm really trying to make it work with serverless
Prisma Data Proxy is kind of cool, it's a Data API for any database effectively. But for me it takes a lot to spin up something outside of AWS
and when you're running without using it, you're basically just using the rust binaries to spin up a local data proxy for your function to use
It's good architecture from that point of view but it's a lot when it all comes together
it's a rust/node library now not a binary