Hi <@U01JVDKASAC> I am new to SST. My team created...
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Hi @Frank I am new to SST. My team created a new project using SST. When run locally(sst start) I am getting stack contains no resources error. Could you please help me?
Can you show me what's in the stack?
the code
Please can you share what your stack file contains?
me first!
The authorizer isn't actually a real resource, it's something that needs to be attached to an APIGateway which is why you're seeing that error. Instead of making this a real stack, you can just make it a normal function and call it wherever you need it
Can you suggest me another solution?
The thing is, it is working for other users I just need to fix some issues.
Is there a reason you're putting this in its own stack?
The error you're getting is because just defining an authorizer doesn't do anything, it needs to be attached to an API
After removing the authorizer from there I am getting below error.
You need to include it but attach it to the api you are defining
Just to chime, @Ambati Srinivas what’s ur SST version?
To add a bit of context, we made a recent change to get around this exact issue, by always adding a
resource to each stack.
Can you update to the latest SST version and try deploy again?
I’m running into the same error `stack contains no resources`:
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export class CredentialsStack extends sst.Stack {
   public readonly credentials: Credentials;

   public constructor(scope: <http://sst.App|sst.App>, id: string, props?: sst.StackProps) {
      super(scope, id, props);

      const secretUsername = Secret.fromSecretCompleteArn(

      const secretPassword = Secret.fromSecretCompleteArn(

      this.credentials = {
         username: secretUsername,
         password: secretPassword,
I should be plugging metadata?
can you update to latest sst?
Will do, i also went ahead and added the plug
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new CfnResource(this, "SSTCredentialsMetadata", {
			type: "AWS::CDK::Metadata",
which fixed the issue
@Addison Kasper the latest version of SST should have a
resource in each template, so every template should have at least 1 resource and nvr be empty.
You should be able to remove the above workaround after u upgrade.
But let me know if otherwise 🙂