Hi everyone! I just heard about SST today and star...
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Hi everyone! I just heard about SST today and start following your amazing guides! One quick question on the live lambda development - if my lambda function needs to make a dynamoDB request, then we would have to set up a VPC first, is my understanding correct?
No you can call dynamo without vpc. In general you should try and not use vpc for lambda if you can.
interesting.. how does that work behind the scene? Does the local lambda call the dynamo through the websocket and the debug stack?
DynamoDB does not (and cannot iirc) need to be in a VPC as it's a fully managed service
We forward the functions' AWS credentials to your local execution environment where your code is run
So it essentially assumes the role of function in AWS
It might be a good point to start. Let us know if you have any other questions.
thank you all for the prompt responses! will check out the above example