someone remind me how to properly rename/move func...
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someone remind me how to properly rename/move functions in CDK? it’s such a pain
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❌  dev-microservices-api-base failed: Export dev-microservices-api-base:ExportsOutputFnGetAttGetPresentationReelFuncE29CE098ArnD35372FB cannot be deleted as it is in use by dev-microservices-api-public and dev-microservices-api-reels
I removed all references to this function! I even removed the function itself
when I had the function not commented out, I did this too:
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I've worked around this by removing all references but leave the function in place. Ensure to
with whatever you were referencing then deploy. Then remove the function and deploy again.
@Sam Hulick not sure if u got around this, you can give this a try: 1. add
in dev-microservices-api-base 2. remove the reference in dev-microservices-api-public and dev-microservices-api-reels 3. deploy 4. remove the function in
5. deploy again
hey @Mike McCall @Frank! thanks, I did figure it out. I did this a long time ago, just couldn’t remember the process