I see a fair few people reporting issues around th...
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I see a fair few people reporting issues around the use of yarn which makes me think that there must be big benefit to yarn over npm to persist with it. What are those benefits? Am I missing out with npm?
I mainly like it because • Yarn workspaces for managing multiple projects in one repo (as simple as frontend + backend) • Faster • npm has broken in insane ways in my past 7-8 years of using it
We used https://pnpm.io/ for awhile (using rush.js and pnpm under the hood now) with good results and speed. I feel like npm is coming along though as they introduced workspace support and the speed seems to be a lot better but... I like to use shinny things...
I feel like there is a speed difference that you can see
I used pnpm in the past too but found too. I like the idea but many incompatibilities made me ditch it. Last time I touched it was probably 1.5-2 years ago so maybe it's moved on. Re. the speed thing, surely we're talking a few seconds extra build time for a the install process that's a small fraction of the overall build and deploy time though? Haven't looked at workspaces, I haven't (knowingly) had the requirement for that, will check it out
Yes you are right, the speed is not much of difference. I mean when you install a package using npm, it does it with yarn unless u pass --use-npm, as far as I know. That’s also the part of the reason I’m using yarn lol