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02/27/2021, 7:43 AM
Hello there, This is Amit, founder at ReviewNB. It’s a code review & collaboration tool for data scientists. I’m looking for a front end developer (freelance / contract work) to build out a new interface for our users to collaborate via line level comments (roughly, you’ll be building front end for GoogleDoc comment type of functionality). • We use VueJS (bonus points if you’ve worked with codemirror before but it’s not mandatory) • I’m a solopreneur & you’ll work directly with me, I’ve built the entire app, so you’ll get a lot of guidance/help (but expect solid code reviews as well 🙂) • I’ll take care of the backend APIs for this feature. You need to be master at VueJS / Javascript and have some sense of clean design, typography etc. • Added bonus: Part of this could be released as open source contribution (as a codemirror extension). • You’ll be well compensated. • This might turn into more contract work or full time opportunity if both parties are willing. Throw any questions in this thread or feel free to DM me. Here’s some information about the company & here’s a bit about me.
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Referrals are welcome! If your referral works out, I’ll buy you a beer / coffee (if you’re in Pune) or ship you an Amazon gift card 🙂