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03/02/2021, 10:12 AM
We are looking for a front-end focussed, full stack engineer to join our team at MAT.
Hey folks 👋 I have a hot-off-the-press job opportunity to join our fantastic team at MAT (Market Access Transformation). This is open only to the RI community for a few days before we open it up. I am attaching the job description. DM me if this interests you and you would like to apply. From the community, @silly-train-46493 has joined us recently and you can speak with him as well regarding the culture and work that we do.
About the company
We are a very profitable, enterprise startup in the pharmaceutical industry. We recently closed our first round of funding at 30M USD and are looking to grow our team. You will be joining the tech team which is 10 members strong currently which includes yours sincerely in addition to folks in London, Amsterdam, Gurgaon, Pune and Cappadoccia . TL:DR; version • Experience required: 3+ years • Completely remote with some occasional international travel when we can. • Full stack engineer but you will mostly be working on the front end side of things (Angular mostly) Perks: • We are a very mature team. I think average years of experience is ~ 15 years. • There is no micro management. • Except for one 10m standup / day, you can mostly keep your own time as long as you are productive. • We catch up in person two times a year (once in India and once abroad).
How to apply?
Send me an email at: and I’ll send it across to our hiring team.
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