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02/18/2022, 5:51 AM
🎉 More than 100+ entries for our survey. 🏆 Access the survey data  💰  here 💰 We have cleaned up the data a bit (changed US/United states/ or America to USA etc). Any for other content changes -We added a comment to the cell with the original values and then updated the values. We also had to remove 2 entries which had incorrect data. Note:  Accuracy is dependent on authenticity of the responses.  ⚠️ Please process this data with a grain of salt ⚠️ Also note - the Salary shown in the analysis report median and not mean. If you missed filling in the survey, you can do so now - (the reports will not reflect your data, we will review the newly filled entries and then update the reports, later) Thank you @calm-grass-85557 & @loud-glass-33663 for the review and help in organising the data. If you have any questions/feedback on the survey. You can respond on the #tribe channel thread here.
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