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06/25/2019, 4:56 AM
Not to be negative, on the way to my coworking space I was thinking this. What if after 10 years, almost 70% of tech jobs are remote? Is that even possible? eliminating the cases of direct interactions for meetings and other things solved by video calls, VR etc? If that is a case, more and more jobs will be done from India and thus the tax paid by people in India is going to increase + India will be exporting software to foreign countries which could result in increase of economy 🤷 correct me if I am wrong At the same time, when companies opt for remote jobs outside US, the tax paid by those companies are massively reduced which could result in lowering of economy for that country. This could be one main reason why there are many jobs which say Remote working only from US meaning payroll inside US states. But how will it affect if things change to go remote worldwide, or will that happen? 🤔 Just a thought


06/25/2019, 5:04 AM
I think most of the big companies in the US (Apple, Amazon, etc) don’t pay taxes in the US already. That is why California is always on the verge of bankruptcy. 🤷 You have a good question on the US Only requirement of companies. I think companies that tend to pay higher $100K+ can get good people from the US only — working in their timezones and you don’t need to scratch your head with customs, timezones, international contract, etc. Same reason if you could afford to hire an Indian programmer, why would you look at Bangladesh / Indonesia? Plus ofcourse, there is the nationalism thing. My money should go to my country only (as long as it can)
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If a company is paying lower (< $60K) and cannot find good talent (or if it is a bootstrapped startup, etc) they are more open to international hires — purely from an economical point of view. I have personally found it to be easier to look at UK and European countries + Australia for remote work as they have a dearth of talent in their own countries and most companies cannot afford salaries for good hires.
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06/25/2019, 5:36 AM
Wow awesome. Good points. I just hope theres a balance between remote and onsite jobs so it doesnt keep changing.