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08/08/2020, 8:57 AM
Hey guys! Are there jobs out there for people with primary skills as just HTML & CSS? (With a little bit of JS for DOM manipulation) Asking for a friend! Basically my friend has been working as an Electronics Engg since 3-4 years, and is not content with the work, the uncertain job market and the lower pay in the industry he works in. He recently took a HTML, CSS intro tutorial and took a interest in building static websites for fun. Although he's not started learning JS frameworks like React yet, and is not confident about being a 'JavaScript Dev'. If he gets really good at HTML & CSS over a period of some months, what are the chances he can get a job/project as a fresher in this field? He wants to know if it'll be worth putting in the efforts in this directions for a few months.


08/08/2020, 4:04 PM
@viraj, I started off in 2013 as a freelancer with just HTML and CSS. WordPress is what I took interest it. With both these skills I was able to build a site of my own and along the way picked a little bit of JS and PHP. It was not hard - because the idea building something of my own was awesome. After that I have learn a lot along the way. So your friend is exactly where I was 6+ years back. I found WP and it helped my structure my journey. I am sure if you friend puts in his best - he will discover what he is capable of.. Take the first step, journey will be clearer More about what I have discovered and how - incase your friend is interested. Sharing it incase it helps this friend. My journey explained in detail :


08/09/2020, 6:37 AM
This is great to know, @polite-secretary-64403! Sharing this with my friend!


08/09/2020, 9:47 AM
Hey Viraj, We all start from somewhere. Obviously there's a point when real progress is made. But we have to start somewhere. I love to share the example of boiling point. It's only when you reach 100 degrees, that the transformation from liquid to steam happens. But that doesn't mean there was no energy consumed in getting from room temperature to 99 degrees. I hope that metaphor makes sense 😛
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I forgot to mention that in my starting days as a ruby dev, a community like Codenewbie was very helpful 💯


08/10/2020, 5:03 AM
@calm-grass-85557 That's makes great sense! 🙌
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