Hey guys, I was wondering. If I have a post and us...
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Hey guys, I was wondering. If I have a post and user, what is the best way to check if a user liked a certain post? Right now I have a likes entity and I query on it to find if a like with the combination of user and post exists but I'm not sure if that is a good approach. Maybe there is a simpler way?
I think the best decision can be
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type User @model {
  likes: [Post!]! @relation(name: "UserLikes")
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type Post @model {
  likedUsers: [User!]! @relation(name: "UserLikes")
so do away with the likes entity
and then just check if the currentUser is among that likedUsers
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    orderBy: createdAt_DESC,
    filter: {
      OR: [{
        user: {
          id_not: $userId
      }, { user: null } ]
    first: $limit
something like this if I understand you correctly
you can get all posts not owned by specific user
and user likes by extra query
then simple check if the post liked by user or not
on reactiflux some people suggested using a boolean isLikedByViewer or something along those lines, but I dont understand how you could add a boolean like that and get the value for the currentUser
or maybe I misunderstood or they misunderstood me
but it got me wondering if there was more you could do with currentUser that i wasnt aware of
it can be needed only if you have to sort on this
not really, I just want a clean way for people to like a post
I do same on likedCounts because I have to sort by likedCounts for example
I have function
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'use latest'
const fromEvent = require('graphcool-lib').fromEvent;

function setLikes(api, postId, likesCount) {

  const request = `
    mutation($styleId: ID!, $likesCount: Int!) {
      updatePost(id: $postId, likesCount: $likesCount) {

  return api.request(request, { postId, likesCount })

module.exports = function (event) {
  const api = fromEvent(event).api('simple/v1')

  if (event.data.Post.updatedFields.indexOf('likesCount') === -1 &&
      event.data.Post.node._likedUsersMeta) {
    event.data.Post.node.likesCount = event.data.Post.node._likedUsersMeta.count;
    return setLikes(api, event.data.Post.node.id, event.data.Post.node._likedUsersMeta.count)
      .then((data) => { return { data: data } });
  return { data: event.data };
it works for me as callback function when Post changed and calculates likesCount automatically
I see
Im looking more for the simplest way to check if the current user liked the post
but I guess just having a list of users on a post is the best way to do that
I just doing it on the frontend
UserLikes is m2m relation between User and Post
UserLikes and LikedUsers
do you have a Like entity in your database?
I think is not needed
youre right
its overkill
relation 1. works well 2. more secure
and also consistent - if you delete like from user, it automatically deletes from post