Make Slack and Discord communities Google-searchable

Linen syncs your Slack and Discord threads to an SEO friendly website that allows your community to discover you through search engines and reduces the number of repeat questions.

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Retain your community knowledge and improve your SEO

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Make your Slack/Discord threads Google searchable

Linen syncs all your threads in your public channels and threads to This makes your Slack/Discord contents available for your community members without requiring a login.

Free to setup and use

Linen is free to set up and install. Once you go through the 10 minute setup process and wait for the syncing you will be able to make your community's threads free of charge.

Generate organic content for your website and domain

The paid edition puts Linen behind your subdomain where you can generate organic SEO friendly content that is relevant for your domain. You will get a 301 redirect from our subdomain to yours to give all the SEO benefits. You also will be able to customize your Linen page with your custom logo and branding.

Scale your community and reduce support burden

Slack/Discord communities are great for chatting and engaging but over time they become overwelming. As a community grows so does the number of repeat questions. As previously a former open source maintainer I wanted to minimize the number of repeat questions and encourage the community to search.

A better experience for your community

Linen is a great way to make your community content more discoverable. No longer do you need to login to your Slack/Discord workspace to view your community's content. You can link specific conversations in github issues without requiring a sign in to get the context of the issue.

Community Privacy

Linen only syncs conversations in the public channels. We only pull the display name and profile picture from Slack/Discord and we do not store community member's email or private information. Upon request we will delete any community member's information and messages within 14 days. Finally we have the options of anonymizing your community member's display name with a fake randomly generated string like `many-ancient-parrot`, `adventurous-billowy-kangaroo`, and `benedict-cumberbatch`.