Hi pact team, Im trying to run PactSwift on my mac...
# pact-swift
Hi pact team, Im trying to run PactSwift on my machine but im getting an error when i try to run
Could not find module 'PactSwift' for target 'x86_64-apple-ios-simulator'; found: arm64, arm64-apple-ios, at: / path of pactswift module
…also, when im not getting this error the pact test runs but console output mentions that PactSwiftMockServer could not be found? Im using cartfile
github "surpher/PactSwift" ~> 0.12
What’s your machine architecture and how are you creating your
dependency through
command? I’m suspecting you’re not using
im using a macbook pro intel core i5
and im using this command
carthage update PactSwift --no-use-binaries --use-ssh --use-xcframeworks
You are using the provided script for Intel machines, right? https://github.com/surpher/PactSwift/blob/main/Scripts/carthage
thanks for quick response Marko. I was able to update the carthage script so im no longer getting the build issue but the when the test runs i see the following error for “no such file” for PactSwiftMockServer
Library not loaded: @rpath/PactSwiftMockServer.framework/PactSwiftMockServer
although when
running carthage i do see that the package is resolved:
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PactSwiftMockServer: <https://github.com/surpher/PactSwiftMockServer.git> @ 0.3.5
Not quite sure what’s happening there? Have never hit such a problem on Intel nor Silicon machines. Perhaps remove any PactSwift xcframework remnants from
and try using the script again?
Had another case of this. There might be a potential issue within
for this where it’s failing to copy transient binaries (which
is). It seems it started occurring with Xcode 13.2 (or maybe 13.1?). I can not reproduce this using an Intel machine running Xcode 13.0. There is an open issue on carthage github project indicating binaries are not copied.
is a binary package (xcframework) being vended to
project through SPM. Perhaps that’s where things go astray? Looking at carthage logs there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong.
Any chance you could use SPM instead?
I’ve raised an issue with Carthage although I’m not entirely convinced this is carthage problem but Xcode 13.2+. https://github.com/Carthage/Carthage/issues/3270
@Bhavin Kapadia try using Cartfile:
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github "surpher/PactSwift" "main"