Hello! In my gradle plugin I have feature that ver...
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Hello! In my gradle plugin I have feature that verifies Manifest. I used new API’s (
). Task works, but it is not attached to default AGP build pipeline. I mean when I call it manually - it works, but when I just assemble project - task is not executed. My question is how to attach my task to default build pipeline? So if I want to check manifest I need to wait until “processManifest” task finishes. In my case, if I call my custom manifest verification task manually - my tasks successfully executes after AGP “processManifest” task, but, when I just build project in AS - my task is not executed after “processManifest”. Previously I used just
and stuff like that, but now as I understand it is not what expected? Maybe I need to use “wire” API’s but all these methods need some output, but I don’t have any. My task needs just input. Here is the code: Task creation
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fun createManifestCheckerTask(project: Project, variant: Variant) {
        val taskProvider = project.tasks.register(
        ) {
            it.group = GROUP_NAME
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abstract class NetworkSecurityConfigCheckerTask : DefaultTask() {

    abstract val mergedManifest: RegularFileProperty

    fun checkNetworkSecurityConfig() {
        val mergedManifestFile = mergedManifest.get().asFile

We do not have an API for this yet. You can star this issue: https://issuetracker.google.com/232323922