hi,team, when i run command ----------------------...
# ingestion
hi,team, when i run command ----------------------------------------------- cd metadata-ingestion ../gradlew metadata ingestioninstallDev it took a long time,and always prompts-> INFO: pip is looking at multiple versions of google-cloud-core to determine which version is compatible with other requirements. This could take a while. Is there any way to avoid it
@better-orange-49102 thank you for reply,I think this repair is to reduce the time. It seems that I can't initialize the local environment,I've been waiting for more than two hours and it's still not over。I'm not sure if I can fix my problem
@square-activity-64562 hi ,It still doesn't seem to work Some other packages are prompted
Latest master build is completing. Some other fixes are added. Please try again.
@square-activity-64562 OK, thank you very much. I'll get the code and try again