commandbox question: when executing ```coldbox cre...
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commandbox question: when executing
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coldbox create model-test testsdirectory=tests/specs/unit/customers/entities/ path=models.customers.entities.qEntry
I get some placeholder in my test, e.g
component extends="coldbox.system.testing.BaseModelTest" model="|modelPath|"{
so is this a bug or am i doing something wrong in the coldbox create call? I would expect the
was replaced by
@bdw429s I think a replacement in model-test was missing.
Seems like a bug.
I didn't make those commands 😁
I'm on holiday ATM, but I'll merge your fix next week.
No hurry, I fixed it locally for now. Quite handy if you are creating 100+ unit tests with this command 🙂. Just surprised it has not been discovered before. Nobody using
cold-box create model-test
?? 😕
Not really, lol