Apologies for a dumb question, but in testbox, is ...
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Apologies for a dumb question, but in testbox, is there a way skip all the tests (so I can see which tests I have) when running tests in the browser doing
? I have a test that takes quite a long time (for good reasons) but I dont want to run ALL the tests just so I can click on the right test. If you follow me?
That would be nice if the test browser allowed you to click on an individual test file without running any of the tests in that file. Hmm.
Yeah, so I get a menu of the tests. There is already a button that says "run all tests" but I would like to skip them by default
In CodeceptJs it's called dry-run
so you can just get a list of what it WILL do
Make it so! 😄
I don't think there's a way for that, but I agree that would be useful
I often times have to wait for a really long initial run just to click on the one I care about
you can use the test browser, but it doesn't show all the specs, just the each CFC
I'd enter a ticket for it
Yeah phpunit has the same thing (
). And this would be dead handy in TestBox for the exact scenario @Mark Drew (he/him) describes. I would want just the list of tests rendered just as a navigation tree probably more often than I actually want to run all the tests, now that I think about it
Good thinking mate.
I have my own lister for tests so I can filtering, ajax-y running (so they are run in parallel) etc. But it would be great to get an idea of how many tests there are without running it too. So the return JSON would give me info on what is in the test.
This issue will also be relevant to all of this: https://ortussolutions.atlassian.net/browse/TESTBOX-338
We've got about 650-odd test cases, and if I
them all, a full run of the tests still takes 11sec, even though "nothing" is being run. This is just processing all the
@Mark Drew (he/him): I know @lmajano has that on his radar for the next release: https://ortussolutions.atlassian.net/browse/TESTBOX-324
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Last I heard he was pretty close to getting it figured out and pushed to the repo