What is the command for command box for installing...
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What is the command for command box for installing packages? I forgot it, and I can't scroll back far enough to see it here on slack. I am going to write it down this time so I won't have to ask again.
@satauros thanks so much, but that's not what I am looking for. I am trying to install the ORM package. I believe the command started with a "c". With this command, you can install ColdFusion packages. Thanks!
When you're in a commandbox prompt the command actually is
install <package>
. Otherwise you need to prepend the command with
, e.g.
box install <packagename>
I got it, it's
cfpm install ORM
Thanks so much for your help. I have ORM installed now 😀
Oh so you were referring to the coldfusion package manager and not commandbox itself. Your initial question spoke of commandbox, hence my wrong response :p. Still the same syntax, just an other prefix. Glad you got it to work.
@satauros yeah I was trying to install the ORM package for ColdFusion. I am glad I got it working, thanks so much for all your help :)
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command is basically just a convenient passthrough for you. When you run it in the web root of an Adobe CF installation, CommandBox finds the full location to the actual cfpm.sh or cfpm.bat file, ensures the
env var is set, and then runs the actual native cfpm command for you.
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@bdw429s thanks, I didn't know this is how it worked. very cool.