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03/22/2022, 8:14 AM
Anyone seen this error before? One of our devs started getting this out of the blue. I know the error being reported is with the hostupdater but, this commandbox install was perfectly fine and had 2 sites already running on it. Now any site that was running ok won’t start and gives the same error.
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× | Starting Server
   | > Component [commandbox-hostupdater.models.HostupdaterService] has no accessible Member with name [CONSOLELOGGER]
ERROR (5.4.2+00453)
Component [commandbox-hostupdater.models.HostupdaterService] has no accessible Member with name [CONSOLELOGGER]
C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\modules\commandbox-hostupdater\models\HostupdaterService.cfc: line 32
31:                     for( var hostname in arguments.hostnames ) {
32:                             <|>( "Adding host '#hostname#' to your hosts file!" );
33:                             // remove any line matching the current host name
34:                             // in order to avoid duplicate entries
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\modules\commandbox-hostupdater\ModuleConfig.cfc: line 44
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\wirebox\system\core\events\EventPool.cfc: line 121
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\wirebox\system\core\events\EventPool.cfc: line 95
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\wirebox\system\core\events\EventPoolManager.cfc: line 59
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\services\InterceptorService.cfc: line 57
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\services\ServerService.cfc: line 290
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\modules_app\server-commands\commands\server\start.cfc: line 171
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\services\CommandService.cfc: line 345
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\services\CommandService.cfc: line 139
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\Shell.cfc: line 787
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\Shell.cfc: line 607
called from C:\Users\XX.XX\.CommandBox\cfml\system\Bootstrap.cfm: line 160
lucee.runtime.exp.ExpressionException: Component [commandbox-hostupdater.models.HostupdaterService] has no accessible Member with name [CONSOLELOGGER]


03/22/2022, 8:59 AM
might need to be running as a priviliged user if it is messing with the hosts file


03/22/2022, 5:46 PM
No, it's a missing wirebox injection
Let me check and see if a new version of that module came out recently (it's not managed by ortus)
Hmm, last version was published in May of 2021, so no new versions
I'd try running the
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command in the CLI just to see if that does anything. Generally, when a module has a new version this sort of thing will be related to cached CFC metadata (which the
command clears). However, I'm not entirely sure how that could be the case given how long it's been since any new versions of this module came out.
Unless, of course, your developers just updated their system modules for the first time in a year!
Which, I suppose is a possibility.


03/22/2022, 9:24 PM
The dev re-logged into their pc and the issue went away