When running command `server info` I get the foll...
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When running command
server info
I get the following warning. Is this anything to be concerned about or will everything still operate normally?
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CommandBox> server info

amalga-ccpb (running) --> F:\code\web\sites\cfwt\testenv\  
  CF Engine: lucee 5.3.8+201
  Last Started: 25-Mar-2022 12:52:52

  Last status message:
  [INFO ] Runwar: Starting RunWAR 4.5.1
  [INFO ] Runwar: HTTP2 Enabled:true
  [INFO ] Runwar: HTTP sslEnable:false
  [INFO ] Runwar: HTTP ajpEnable:false
  [INFO ] Runwar: HTTP warFile exists:true
  [INFO ] Runwar: HTTP warFile isDirectory:true
  [INFO ] Runwar: Starting background testenv [lucee 5.3.8+201] from: /F:/code/.CommandBox/lib/runwar-4.5.1.jar
  WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred
  WARNING: Illegal reflective access by runwar.LaunchUtil (file:/F:/code/.CommandBox/lib/runwar-4.5.1.jar) to method java.lang.ProcessImpl.pid()
  WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of runwar.LaunchUtil
  WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations
  WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release
  [INFO ] Starting in background -
@ryan What error?
I don't see the word "error" anywhere in there 😉
do you know if this causes any sort of issues?
No, the warning won't cause you any issues. At last if you stay away from Java 16+
The warning turns into an error there
I don't think I can fix it for realz without figuring out how to do a multi-version build of runwar. The method I'm calling via reflection doesn't exist in java 8, but you can't call it directly even inside of a try/catch because the compiler won't let you do that while you're still compiling against java 8
Static/strict languages suck 😆
Lucee itself has a bunch of that stuff internally as well
Oracle has basically made reflection a total pain now
And CFML engines use reflection a LOT
ugh, that sounds like a nightmare for you
I have no problem ignoring it since it does not cause an error. We are not really supposed to be using Java 16+ for CF anyway, are we?
I would assume ACF wouldn't work if this warning becomes an error for Java 16+, so that basically answers my question. LOL
Yeah, both Lucee and Adobe don't work on Java 16+ yet
Lucee has done a bit of work on it, but it's slated for Lucee 6.0
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Adobe hasn't done anything so far as I can tell (at least there's been no feedback on the ticket I entered)
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