NEVERMIND (it was my own fault. bad code) i'm run...
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NEVERMIND (it was my own fault. bad code) i'm running into a problem with cachebox that is related to too many threads/resources being consumed. this happened almost immediately after i deployed cachebox so i have few doubts about it being responsible. what i don't understand is why. i'm using cachebox with redis so nothing should need to be reaped by cachebox unless it's trying to manage the defaultcache it creates, which i'm not using (intentionally). i'm using the luceeprovider and my config is in the first screenshot. fusionreactor shows a bunch of threads being spawned and a lot of them are in timed_waiting/waiting. sleeping because of the abstractappender. i saw a bug report from 2013 about this and that it should have been resolved (completely) in 2020. we're using the latest version of cachebox (6.6.1+2)
i'm wondering if i possibly wrote some bad code that just keeps spawning more instances of cachebox and its job queue.
crap that's it. i missed a check during refactor that was using instanceof to match classes, and cachebox would never match