× | Installing package [forgebox:commandbox-cfconf...
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× | Installing package [forgebox:commandbox-cfconfig] |---------------------------------------------------------------- | Verifying package 'commandbox-cfconfig' in forgebox, please wait... | Installing version [1.7.0]. | Verified entry in forgebox: 'commandbox-cfconfig' | Deferring to [github] endpoint for forgebox entry [commandbox-cfconfig]... | Using branch [v1.7.0] | Cloning Git URL [https://github.com/Ortus-Solutions/commandbox-cfconfig.git] |---------------------------------------------------------------- ERROR (5.5.0+00558) Error cloning github repository java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError java.lang.NullPointerException: No Bundle provided
Same issue on different files.
Possible that it is issue with the auth for githum?
@bdw429s Could these be related to each other and the post from last Friday?
I know you mentioned updating jgit.
@Jeff Jones @fman The repo cloning problem turned out to be a super ridiculous combination of Lucee, Log4j, Apache Felix and jGit and it didn’t break until Lucee which was only one week before Lucee 5.3.9 went stable. jGit only broke just days before Lucee released. I believe the bug is ultimately in Log4j itself, but it only manifested in a very specific set of circumstances. Adding the java system property of
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inside a
file in the same folder as
will work around it for now which forces Log4j into a slightly different code path that doesn’t use the OSGI bundle context loader. I am working on a patch update to CommandBox to try and get it working for everyone again.
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@Jeff Jones @fman I've just pushed CommandBox 5.5.1. Can you please give it a test and see if Git cloning is working out of the box now?
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I will. I'll let you know.
@bdw429s you the man! Thanks.
Just tested, everything is ok, Thanks a lot
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