I have a great announcement to make. ColdFusion Su...
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I have a great announcement to make. ColdFusion Summit 2022 will be... in person this year in Las Vegas. It will occur in October (3rd, 4th, 5th). Details and registration information will be available soon.
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@Mark Takata (Adobe) 2021?
WHOOOPS. Yes, I will be buying everyone rides in Delorean lol. Sorry, my bad, 2022. Nice catch Brad, thank you.
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I guess I was a couple days early for April fools πŸ˜„
Don't play with us now
This is super exciting
It is going to be a REALLY long summer waiting for Summit πŸ™‚
@Mark Takata (Adobe) there's not a lot of time between our ITB dates and CFSummit 😩
Oh god the dates are very close, it’s going to be hard to pull Houston and then Vegas back to back.
Any plans on streaming as I believe there are some people who don't live in the USA (I know - crazy talk!)
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And the nice thing about Vegas is that the planes practically land downtown.
I can't go because it's in Las Vegas. 😞
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So, right now there are no plans for this being a hybrid event. However, I'm lobbying HARD to change that, for a large number of reasons. I know that in the past, there's been years that I was unable to attend myself, and not having some kind of opportunity to go (even a paid online ticket) was rough. That month or so before the videos appeared sucked. I get it. I have an Evil Plan(tm) to make something happen, but there's stuff I have to get built before then. However, I think the important thing is, IF you can make it, you should. It is going to be absolutely LIT. But for folks that are unable to do so due to personal, health, business or religious reasons, I still want to provide a worthy alternative. I really hope I can pull it off. I'll probably be collecting data to make my case here in a bit, so hopefully I can get some help from the community in making the case clear for a viable, valuable hybridized event structure so we can share CFSummit with as many people as possible.
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Is this where the official Adobe CFML Extension for VSCode will be released, or is it too early. ( That answer will likely come tomorrow. )
John, I hope we announce VS Code earlier than October. I'm using it daily when coding up code samples. And occasionally yelling at engineers lol. Well, gently prodding is more accurate.
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I am looking forward to my turn behind the wheel.
Likewise, hopefully it's better than what's currently available
Will the official Adobe CFML Extension for VSCode be free?
Dave, yes! The official Adobe CFML Extension for VSCode will be completely free to use. However, it will not be OSS. We are hoping to provide official documentation for the hooks which will be used to leverage the language server functionality so that community members can build their own cool integrations though. The VS Code extension will provide the majority of features that were included in Adobe ColdFusion Builder, including the ability to restart the CF Server (right now Windows only), connect to RDS, do line item debugging and more.
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I am VERY interested in using CommandBox based containers. Not sure if that will be possible but it is a big win if it does.