Hi All, I also have a CMS related question. We ha...
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Hi All, I also have a CMS related question. We have a CF based CMS which is pretty good, but lacks page builder functionality (drag and drop templating, etc.) that you would get in Wordpress plugins like Divi, Duda, etc. Has anyone found / built similar theming / page building plugins to work in the context of a CF CMS?
You can use Content Box, it's a CF-based CMS
@johnbarrett Thanks for the follow up. My question about using ContentBox is whether it is a page authoring environment like divi, duda, etc. where a non-technical person can design web pages via templates, drag-and-drop, and so forth. I had thought that ContentBox was more of a stand-alone CMS, but less of a page builder widget (hopefully i'm making a clear enough distinction here).
@nickg no Contentbox is not like one of those libraries for page designing.
@Patrick Thanks for confirming. That was my sense. If you've come across anything like that in your CF travels or have a sense of how to design one, let me know.
haven't found any CFML based but have seen these, would need to write some CFML to save the content from them I guess https://www.vvveb.com/vvvebjs/editor.html https://grapesjs.com/