# adobe

Mark Takata (Adobe)

09/26/2022, 3:49 PM
Heads up for folks, I will be pretty tough to pin down for the next couple weeks. Apologies. If there's an emergency, the best possible way to get in touch with me is emailing me at I'm in the midst of conference prep. Do not expect a reply on Friday, September 29th as I will be driving from San Jose to Las Vegas & likely will not have coverage. I'm in Las Vegas starting Friday evening and leaving either the following Wednesday or Thursday, at which point I will be camping in the desert for a few days to unwind. If you're coming to Summit I will be everywhere doing everything all at once lol, but you should be able to catch me, especially at the party & breakfast/lunches. If you've never met me, I'll be the worst dressed person at Summit. If you see someone in pink camo or a pac-man suit, it is almost guaranteed to be me lol.