We're hosting a private <cal.com> (git clone on a ...
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We're hosting a private cal.com (git clone on a linux server + postgres db). Anyone who's self hosting have any tips for keeping things stable? I tried updating main to get from 1.5.2 to 1.5.3, but am struggling with some apps. Not looking for fixes to the specific problem (I'm sure I'll crack that), but would love some guidance on how you keep things stable. Do you pull old branches? Have dev and prod versions?
I'm in the same situation, and have the same setup. I've set up multiple isolated environments (dev/stg/prod) in order to test/validate version migrations. I've pinned the git clone to the specific tags/V1.5 release (watch out the "V" changes case sometimes) , and generally I wait for "official" releases rather than going off of main which changes quite frequently. Dev is good for smoke tests, and staging allows me to test prisma migrations with somewhat simulated real data, before performing the same on prod. I always
prior to prod migrations so I can "roll back" if needed.
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