Hi all. Might just be me being dumb, but I can't f...
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Hi all. Might just be me being dumb, but I can't find email notification settings anywhere. I used to get emails about bookings, not any more. Any help appreciated!
on cal.com or self hosted?
Up until November I was getting "New Event:" emails when someone booked time in my cal, then it became "Confirmed:", and now I don't get an email at all
Still syncs to my calendar OK, but would prefer emails as well for when it's a last-minute calendar addition
interesting. we didnt change anything to emails and i still get them 🤔
can you submit the name of the events to help@cal.com so we can check if sending of an email was attempted
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also check your spam/junk
just in case
@Peer any update on this one please?
not sure did you talk to help@cal.com?
and spam/junk?
i just tested and I am receiving emials
which makes it hard to debug
and customizable email + sms reminders are beint built right now 🙏