hi <@U02DXKP9B6C>, <@UK6JD1E85> thanks for reviewi...
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hi @User, @User thanks for reviewing this PR https://github.com/apache/pinot/pull/7358 I've now rebased it and moved the converters to the schema utils class. I've left a comment with regards regards to config that I thought it'd be easier to discuss over slack
the conversions should be enabled on demand to avoid existing ingestions so I need to pass a config prop down to the record reader. I was wondering if anyone is working on this feature at the moment
I was also wondering how the test data for these classes was generated so I can top up
looks good to me. i think you can create a AvroRecordExtractorConfig in the same PR.
I've done this now but I can't figure out how this class is created for a realtime table
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For what I've seen it doesn't seem like this is possible at the moment, I may need to do some refactoring
i am not sure i understood the issue that would require a refactoring. would you mind commenting on the PR so we can take a look please?