Hey, I just installed airbyte on EC2. I created a ...
# troubleshooting
Hey, I just installed airbyte on EC2. I created a source and destination and connection tests were successful. However, when I try to create a connection, I get "Unknown Error" on the screen when it is trying to fetch the schema. Any ideas on what might be going on or how to troubleshoot? Version: 0.35.55-alpha Source: Postgres 0.4.9 Destination: S3 0.2.10
When I navigate back to the source page after the Unknown Error page and try to set up a connection again, it doesn't show any streams being available.
Hi @Owais Javed, do you mind sharing your servers logs, you can download these from the settings page.
Could you also try to downgrade your postgres connector version to 0.4.4 (from the settings page too)
Actually just realized it might be the DB user doesn't have write permissions. I though read only was enough but going back to the docs I noticed it needs to be able to write and create schemas. We'll update the permissions and test again.
Cool! There's a bug we're not always able to reproduce that leads to no table being listed. If the problem persists for you please give a try to downgrading the connector to 0.4.4
okay its not a permssions thing...still have the same issue
let me try downgrading the connector
question - why does airbyte need write permissions in teh DB it is replicating from?
Yes downgrading the connector seemed to work. Read only was enough permissions - I think doc mentioned write if its a target but I was using it as a source.
I'll share the server logs when using the latest connector and it is failing