Hi All, I am trying to set up the Facebook Marketi...
# troubleshooting
Hi All, I am trying to set up the Facebook Marketing connection (connector up to date) but I get the error "FacebookAPIException('Error: 2635, (#2635) You are calling a deprecated version of the Ads API. Please update to the latest version: v13.0.')" Would you know if the connector is compatible with this version or am I doing something wrong ?
Hello @Maxime Sabran, our Facebook Marketing connector relies on the
package (which is maintained by Facebook) . Its latest version is using v12 of Facebook API. @Marcos Marx (Airbyte) opened a PR on the repo to suggest an API version bump to avoid this error. Feel free to leave a thumb up on this PR. @Marcos Marx (Airbyte) are we aware of any workaround our users can take to stick to v12 of Facebook API?
@Augustin Lafanechere (Airbyte) it looks like
SDK already updated to v13. Should we wait for Airbyte connector upgrade?
Already in progress