Hi Guys, Thanks for your help. It appears that it ...
# connector-development
Hi Guys, Thanks for your help. It appears that it was an issue with the Docker image that I built on my M1 Mac. I instead built the Docker image on my GCP cloud instance instead. I’ll add the steps below in case anyone in the future has the same
Internal Server Error: Get Spec job failed
when loading their Docker Image.
1. In your terminal run
gcloud compute scp <DirectoryOfConnector> <GCPComputeEngineName>:~
to push the directory of your connector to your GCP Instance 2. SSH into your GCP instance using
gcloud --project=<ProjectName> beta compute ssh <GCPComputeEngineName> -- -L 8000:localhost:8000
3. Navigate to the folder of your connector using
command. 4. Run
docker build . -t airbyte/source-<ConnectorName>:<tag>
to build your connector’s docker image 5. Go to localhost:8000 on your web-browser to access Airbyte 6. Go to Settings>Sources>+ New Connector and fill in the info for your connector a. NB your Docker repository name will be
and the Docker image tag will be
as specified after the
in step 4 7. Click Add and you’re done