Hi! So how should I set that up If I don't let use...
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Hi! So how should I set that up If I don't let users fill in the tables they want to sync in the configuration. This is how the set up connection screen looks for me right now. It is one endpoint (GetConnections) which has dynamic sub endpoints under it which are different for every user. An example, /connections/foo and /connections/bar for use A, but it can be /connections/salaries or /connections/employees for user B. So my plan was to let them fetch the connections in the configuration part, and let them select the connections they want to user, in this example of user B ["salaries", "employees"]
Or should I implement the streams method for that in a different way and dynamically instantiate different instances of HttpStream?
Cool, I got it working! Override of the
, and dynamic stream instantiation did the job 🙂
Are there specific exceptions you can throw in for instance the
to get the error message shown in the UI?