I'm running into issues using Hasura to track data...
# troubleshooting
I'm running into issues using Hasura to track database tables transferred from Salesforce to Postgres using Airbyte. Airbyte creates index names like in my screenshot and Hasura complains when trying to track the table that the name of the index isn't valid GraphQL syntax. Therefore, is there a way to prevent naming indexes that Airbyte creates from being starting with a number?
The index name is a md5-hash and it’s created randomically. @Justin Reynolds do you mind creating a Github issue explaining your use case? Maybe there is way to improve in the future.
@Marcos Marx (Airbyte) I'm happy to make a PR to change it --- but basically indexes and tables can't start with numbers to match the graphql spec --- hasura converts the tables and indexes automatically into graphql types --- so it would need a way to name the indexes maybe with a prefix instead of only an md5 hash
<table_name><md5 hash>
for instance
this is a good idea, I recommend first creating the issue to discuss about the impact in another destination besides Postgres.
My only concern is I need to unblock on this sooner than later --- who should I tag username wise to move the discussion along? @Marcos Marx (Airbyte)